SURVIVORville Welcomes Back Attendee Favorite, Ruth Bachman - SURVIVORville
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SURVIVORville Welcomes Back Attendee Favorite, Ruth Bachman


Welcome back to SURVIVORville Ruth Bachman!  Ruth joined us in 2013 and won the hearts of many survivors who attended her session. A sarcoma survivor and amputee, Ruth’s message and mission of delivering to her audience the power within your story grew out of her experience with cancer; describing cancer as the narrow spot in an hourglass. She soon realized that life is full of narrow spots – not all of them labeled cancer. They indicate change and represent the depth and intensity of life experience. She has learned that change is inevitable and transformation is intentional.  Ruth brings meaningful connection, inspiration, and commitment to action to her audience and will empower each attendee to choose and to embrace the inevitability of change and the possibility of transformation. Welcome back, Ruth!