SURVIVORville Attendees Will Head to the Grand Ole Opry - SURVIVORville
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SURVIVORville Attendees Will Head to the Grand Ole Opry

SURVIVORville Attendees Will Head to the Grand Ole Opry Thanks to Long Time WSA Supporter Heather Hall

It’s always a beautiful story to write about a woman living out her 2nd Act.  Heather Hall, a long-time supporter of the WSA and SURVIVORville champion, just wrapped up another round of treatments from her battle with ovarian cancer. But cancer hasn’t stopped her on her mission. In fact, it has actually fueled her spirit.  Today, Heather starts her 5-month journey selling suckers to gift our 2017 SURVIVORville attendees.  She’ll be funding an evening at the Grand Ole Opry along with a pass to a VIP reception at the Opry’s Studio A.

After attending 2013’s SURVIVORville, Heather created Suckers For Survivors.  Heather makes homemade suckers and sells them one by one. At the 2014 and 2015 SURVIVORville events, this amazing woman scholarshiped over 60 women to attend the weekend festivities!

“SURVIVORville impacted my life in ways I can’t express in words,” states Heather. “When I first attended in 2013, I was broken. Someone gifted me a weekend to SURVIVORville where I met other women feeling like I felt.  The event completely changed my life and now I want to give back.  This has been my absolute toughest year since I was first diagnosed with cancer at age 27.  Coming out of this journey and looking forward,  I want to give the gift of the true Nashville experience to our attendees and hopefully help change their lives, too. “

For more information regarding Heather’s Suckers for Survivors or to place an order, please email Heather today. Or, you can visit her  Suckers for Survivors Facebook page which is filled with a plethora of flavors she has created over the past few years. For those registered attendees wanting to attend the Grand Ole Opry, please watch your email for more information as it becomes available.

Heather, thank you from the WSA for paying it forward!  Now bring on the teal cowboy boots and let’s go hear Nashville at its finest.