More on Dr. Rebecca Cook - SURVIVORville
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Dr. Cook is a breast cancer scientist at Vanderbilt University whose research is funded by grants from Komen, NIH, and the DOD. She is working to end deaths due to breast cancer, and other cancers, through collaboration, innovation, and active communication between scientists, clinicians, and patients.

She is dedicated to these goals, and to training future leaders in cancer research. Her research program is geared towards understanding how molecular events in the normal breast during times of breast growth (puberty, pregnancy) or remodeling (post-partum Involution and menopausal Involution) contribute to breast cancer formation and malignant progression. Understanding these events will allow the scientific community to design therapeutics that target breast-derived cancer cells with great specificity and potency, while sparing healthy cells in the rest of the body.

She is a wife, a mommy, and the lucky daughter of a beautiful breast cancer survivor.