Michele Pillar, 3-Time GRAMMY and DOVE Nominee Joins SURVIVORville - SURVIVORville
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Michele Pillar, 3-Time GRAMMY and DOVE Nominee Joins SURVIVORville

Michele Pillar has a testimony that everyone who has ever needed help to overcome anything should hear!GrammyOne of the most cherished voices in Christian Contemporary Music, Michele Pillar is joining the speaker stage at SURVIVORville.

Michele’s strong name recognition from her CCM accomplishments and many #1 radio hits in the 80’s and 90’s may be the bedrock of her fan-base but is not what she’s leaning on to carry her new book, Untangled (BroadStreet Publishing) to the world. With sold out speaking engagements and Women’s Conferences nationwide, women are resonating with the people on a deeper level than music can reach. Michele is talking people’s language and speaking into the real world they live in. Her honesty, humor and music on stage breaks through the fear of “getting real” with yourself and letting go.  And how she does it?  Well….with a CLOTHESLINE! You will NOT want to miss this mainstage presentation!