Learn Powerful Skills Proven to Help You Move Forward at SURVIVORville - SURVIVORville
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Learn Powerful Skills Proven to Help You Move Forward at SURVIVORville

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Kathryn Kloberdanz, MSW, LCSW, and Marjorie Avent, MDiv, EdS knows cancer changes your life forever, and it’s impossible to go back. But these powerful ladies  is part of an amazing program to help you move forward  – and they’re bringing it to SURVIVORville.

REIMAGINE is the formula for life after cancer, an opportunity to take control of your life. We are the world’s only clinically-proven program designed to help you feel better. Our expertly-trained guides teach powerful skills to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and provide valuable tools for dealing with all of life’s issues. But Reimagine is much more than just a skills-based program. It is an opportunity to feel better with the Internet’s most advanced and supportive community, powerful interactive tools, and a robust collection of content that serves cancer patients, survivors, family, and providers. In our Survivorville sessions, two of Reimagine’s expert guides will conduct live in-person versions of our programs to demonstrate our most powerful tools, which help you immediately begin to finally FEEL BETTER.