It's Your Story! SURVIVORville Story Booth - SURVIVORville
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It’s Your Story! SURVIVORville Story Booth
Powered by New Focus Network

final-logo2017 SURVIVORville will bring an interactive movement to the convention in 2017.  With the convention surrounding sharing your story, SURVIVORville will provide a “Story Booth” in the Promenade area of the beautiful Millennium Maxwell House on Saturday, July 22.  This story booth will be a customized video booth with a camera and editor designed to collect your 2nd Act story for you to share in real time your 2nd Act story, just like the My 2nd Act stage show participants. Powered by New Focus Network, the SURVIVORville Story Booth will provide a mini-producer on site to customize your video for immediate upload to your family, friends and social media outlets.

Already have your 2nd Act story written out?  GREAT!  Bring it to SURVIVORville and we will get you all set up.  Thinking about your story?  You’ve got time!  Begin putting your thoughts down and by the time SURVIVORville rolls around, you’ll be ready to go!  Also, don’t forget!  Many stage show cast members will be in attendance at SURVIVORville and will be ready to help you out.  There will be Friday empowerment sessions for everyone wishing to create their story to sit down with coaches, cast members and television producers and directors to help you create YOUR story.

SURVIVORville Story Booth will be handicap accessible and ready to accommodate up to two people.  So, get your story on!  And join us for a weekend of amazing stories and celebration at SURVIVORville 2017.

Got questions about YOUR story or how to get started?  We’ve got answers! Take a read at our amazing 2nd Act Essays at  Or, give the WSA a shout today and we can get you started!