Head and Neck Cancer Highlighted at SURVIVORville - SURVIVORville
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Head and Neck Cancer Highlighted at SURVIVORville

In a special partnership,  Faces of HNC will be the first to highlight a specific head and neck cancer empowerment session group at SURVIVORville 2017.

Debra Sheridan serves as Founder/President of Faces of HNC is a Tennessee-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising public awareness about head and neck cancer and resources to provide solutions that improve quality of life for HNC treatment survivors, one voice at a time.

Debra recently signed with Black Card Books, an international publisher, to produce and promote her upcoming book “My Voice – Lost and Found”. The book will discuss obstacles in life, some random and unasked for, some self-created, that may have impeded our ability to realize our goals and dreams and suggestions for turning those obstacles into opportunities.