For Young Adult Cancer At SURVIVORville: The Support that Supports You - SURVIVORville
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For Young Adult Cancer At SURVIVORville: The Support that Supports You

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This session will describe the different models of support in the cancer community, including in-person support groups, one-on-one support, social media and online support, and phone support.  

Presenting this session is Heidi Adams, Lynn Folkman Auspitz, Katie Brown, and Ali Schaffer.

Heidi Adams

Heidi Schultz Adams has been a patient advocate since surviving Ewing’s sarcoma in her mid-20s. Her career in advocacy began when she founded Planet Cancer and then as a founding volunteer leader of the Young Adult Alliance (a program of the LIVESTRONG Foundation).Heidi now serves as President and CEO of Critical Mass, the independent nonprofit that evolved from the Young Adult Alliance.      

Lynn Folkman Auspitz

Lynn is a breast cancer survivor and now manages and implements LBBC’s volunteer initiatives, including the live Breast Cancer Helpline, recruitment and training and national volunteer programs. She is responsible for managing volunteer appreciation events and awards, recruiting and training volunteers on a national level to represent LBBC in their communities and overseeing the travel grant program for LBBC conferences and events. 

Katie Brown

Katie is the Vice President of Support and Survivorship Programs for LUNGevity, a certified Patient Navigator, and is the foundation’s social media strategist. She is also a Katie is a 19-year young adult cancer survivor.She is the co-creator of Lung Cancer Support Community, the first website of its kind to provide active forums and an online lung cancer support network for lung cancer patients and their family members. Today it holds over 400,000 posts.

Allison Schaffer

Allison is the program manager of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer (VICC) Center Patient and Family Resource Center. In this role, she oversees the management of the Resource Center and collaborates with medical professionals and local and national organizations to plan and implement educational programs for people impacted by cancer.

Hear from a panel of cancer community professionals who will share examples of support options, where you find them, and how you figure out which type of support works for you.