Bring YOUR Story to the Stage at SURVIVORville!   - SURVIVORville
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Bring YOUR Story to the Stage at SURVIVORville!  

If you are a survivor, you have a story. Moreover, your story has power. Your experiences, your lessons learned, your insights – they delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, and challenge. Sharing your story helps others understand. Your story will imprint a picture on the mind of the listener. Your story is the way to reach out to other kindred spirits and emotionally connect.
At this year’s SURVIVORville conference, the Women Survivors AllianceScott Hamilton CARES FoundationNarus Health, and New Focus Network are going to focus on this important aspect of the survivor journey – telling stories that help, inspire, educate, heal and renew.
If you want to share your incredible survivorship story, we welcome you to take the stage with your 5-7 minute story during our story time at Maxwell’s Lounge.  You can email us at and we will get you all set up. Don’t want to take the stage, but still want to share your written word?  You can do that, too!  Just email us your story today!
Need a little help?  Take a look at our template on the SURVIVORville.orgwebsite.  We can’t wait to hear YOUR message of hope!